No Excuses Perfect Review Techniques

no excuses perfect review techniques


I needed the time to make the image 😉


If you ever have an idea . .then follow it to the n’th degree and make sure you prepare yourself for the future
David Morgan


David WhiteGold Edwards


You see, this Gold Mine … it’s a very deep mine


and the gold comes out in streams


this is the live stream of those thoughts


BEFORE we go to print … does that make sense?



If we are going to print, then you better have some imagery attached to it


some people react better to visual stumuli rather than sound (words on the page, you may see them but they make a sound) … agreed or not? .. you can respond with either a thumbs up or a thumbs down 😉


now . .short break for smoke and to gather those thoughts into something coherent for the audience
Morne Beck


David WhiteGold Edwards




. .nice to see ya fella 🙂


OK . .so here it is before I get sidetracked …



No Excuses Perfect Review Techniques …


Perfect reviews can only come from two sources … 1. Being The Nice Guy 2. Offering A Reward For Compliance which one would you respond to the best?


1. Being The Nice Guy …


This technique can only be performed on a warm audience, trying to carry out the procedure without first having a conversation with the reviewee is futile …
David WhiteGold Edwards


A warm audience has either bought a product OR has received a service from you which YOU know was totally satisfactory … do not even attempt to request a review if you were 10 minutes late to a meeting or 1 day behind delivering your product … the whole process has to have a human and mutually beneficial result to both parties 💜
David WhiteGold Edwards


only then should you ask nicely …


and example of this is if I were to request reviews from the members within this Private group


I would obviously come from the angle of … if I have at some point assisted you in getting a better experience from your marketing efforts, would you be kind enough to offer me a review at …
Ezi Marketing UK would love your feedback
Post a review to our profile on Google


2. Offering A Reward For Compliance


This is a cold and lonely place where you have to twist the arms of others to comply with your wishes …



This procedure involves some type of landing page and will include a free gift to the viewer AFTER they have …


a) handed over their email address


b) shown proof of compliance


are you beginning so see how much harsher these types of approaches take?



When you are coming at a review in this fashion, expect your success rate to drop significantly … however, you can now play the numbers game and just keep bringing traffic to your review request


If you are in possession of an email list, this method can be very successful and bring review after review to your current offer … BUT only if you have a successful track record in the niche market


That, Ladies & Gents .. is about as concise as I can be on the subject … I could fluff it out with a whole load of other crap … but for me . .it’s to the point OR forget about it and stay asleep


David Morgan


So is your hat on the lighter side of grey?


David WhiteGold Edwards


My hat is a lighter shade of human .. sometimes white, sometimes black and sometimes all the colours in between 🙂


I have friends who believe I do things in the black hat arena


there are those that believe I am too compliant with Google and hence white hat


however, I do like the sound of Goldie The Grey




so … where’s my review mofo’s 😂
Ezi Marketing UK would love your feedback
Post a review to our profile on Google




Question Time if anyone has some in the comments below

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